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Hungarian or Magyar language is spoken in Hungary and in several Central-European regions that were part of the Kingdom of Hungary until the early 20th century. Christianity, in several of its denominations, is the most practiced religion in Hungary; thus, a Hungarian version of the Scriptures is very relevant. This free BibleMax module is such a translation. It features a Protestant version of the Bible, since it does not include a so-called Apocrypha, which are those books considered as canonical by Catholics and Orthodoxs, but not by most Protestant denominations. Among these are Ecclesiasticus, Judith, Baruch, both Maccabees books, and more. Thus, if you are a Protestant believer, scholar or cleric, then this version of the Bible will be useful for you.
Although Hungarian is written using Latin alphabet, please take into account that you will need a font that supports diaeresis, accents and swung dashes, which are widely used in this language. Also, you need BibleMax core software to use this module. You can download it for free at the developer's site, along with many other modules containing Bible versions, as well as commentaries and references.

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